Losing friends am I right or wrong?

my best friend of 10 years who i was extremely close with has changed this year and started being very distant we hungout the other night for the first time in awhile and everything was fine at first but then i got a sense she was using me for a ride home and that’s why she hungout with me. i thought it was just going to be a night me and her and when i picked her up from her friends house she sprung a party on me and basically begged me to go. i went and while we were there it was at one of my friends new house. there was a wall in the house that everyone signed and wrote things on with sharpie. i didn’t notice at first but later in the night i saw that my initials were on the wall in small letters saying “J. L is a dramatic annoying bitch” in conclusion i found out all my friends wrote it when they were all hanging out with out me. in my head all i can imagine is them talking poorly about me laughing and writing that on the wall. they claimed it was written when we were in a fight but the reason we had fought is because they always leave me out and never invite me to hangout with them. so i cut them all off and told them to stay away from me. am i being dramatic or is it best to stay away?
Losing friends am I right or wrong?
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