How to impress my boyfriends Hispanic family?

I’m white and from the south and I haven’t been around a lot of people who are from different cultures. My boyfriend is Mexican and I’m meeting his family tomorrow who come from Mexico. His grandparents raise him and I don’t know what they are like so I’m really nervous because I’m meeting them and his siblings. I made them cookies but I was wondering if there’s anything else I can do to seem respectful and impress them? Half of my cousins family is from Brazil and since my cousin is one of my best friends I see them a lot. They are extremely friendly but have a lot of different customs and some things that are regular in the south get on their nerves and they don’t like it. His family really likes me but I don’t want to mess it up with my boyfriends family so does anyone have any advice?
How to impress my boyfriends Hispanic family?
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