Would you ever stop talking to your parents for good?

I know every family has problems, and every parent has failed in some way, but this is no excuse. My grandma always promised she’d leave something for each of her grand kids when passes. When she died none of us received anything. I thought my grandma really just had nothing due to the fact that she was a struggling immigrant.

Just today I found out my grandma had thousands of dollars in multiple accounts. My mom was the one entitled. Instead of my mom giving to me n my siblings. She gave 100% to her brothers leaving us with nothing. Her reason for that is because my uncle doesn’t work. Which is not an excuse, my uncle is one of those guys who chooses not to work, has no ambition. Hate to say this about my own uncle, but it’s true. Me n my siblings needed that money more than anything. I’m trying to go back to school because I struggle working at a dead end job. And my sister finished school with $70k student debt. We need that money more than anything.

I’m not here to bitch about my parents. I understand all parents have screwed up n everyone can complain about their parents, but. This is was the last straw.

My mom has never been a real parent. She’s never taught us anything simply because she was too lazy. She never stood up for me when I was a child, used to verbally/emotionally abuse me, didn’t care when my dad would physically abuse me, and uses the bible to justify their evil ways. So this money situation has really shown me I don’t have a mother. I won’t ever even introduce my mom to my children. The only way she’ll meet them is if they wanna go find her. But I won’t make them visit her if they don’t wanna.

Am I wrong for this?
Would you ever stop talking to your parents for good?
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Would you ever stop talking to your parents for good?
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