How to improve social skills?

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I'm looking for some social skills advice. I'm pretty outgoing and good at making friends, but sometimes in relationships, with friends or even family members, I struggle with being a people pleaser. When I see someone is a bit off, I am very anxious I have said or done something wrong. I am always very concerned with people around me and not upsetting them.

This is an issue as 1. it leads me to not being able to stand up for myself or anyone else when I hear something I don't agree with, 2. it can make me become clingy when I really don't want to be. Aka when I see someone is upset, I overthink it and run after them, pestering them instead of giving them time. I really stress out that I'm like this, I can't deal with any moments of self doubt.

I appreciate all the advice you have, but longer, more helpful answers are appreciated.
How to improve social skills?
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