Why the F do people even have kids?

We got the covid-19 now rumors about a new swine flu from china reminiscent of the 1918 pandemic, clearly we are not welcome on this planet and with covid taking out even religious leaders it’s pretty obvious we have been forgotten by divine powers. Maybe we are all going to be snuffed out slowly instead of a big explosion before the coming of Christ. Plus all we do after we slide out of those vaginas is get disappointed and work until we die like a rat in a race if we are lucky enough to find a job.
Why the F even have kids?
Because sex feels awesome
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Because kids are so cure awww im selfish and want to have kids so I can go awwww
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Because everyone else does duh
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13 d
Im not Christian i threw in references to it because we are supposedly loved by a divine being.
Why the F do people even have kids?
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