If your friend sexually assaulted someone would you want to know?

I've been friends with this guy for 13 years (Alex) and he introduced me to his friend (James) about a year ago. Me and James have really it off and I think we're in the very early stages of starting something.

Around December Alex and I were messing about. I was acting thotty because I was having a hard time. Anyways it went to far several times and I asked him to stop and he wouldn't. I should have left after the first time but I didn't which was a fault on my end. After it was over he Alex refused to take responsibility for his actions. He blamed me saying I let him and I believed him for the longest time.

In May I asked Alex to meet up so we could talk. He seemed truly regretful of his actions and apologised profusely. He said he'd appreciate it if I didn't name him. Now Alex and I don't talk.

My family got involved after my brother told my mum. They went over and had a chat with him and his mum.

James has asked on several occasions about how we went from childhood friends to not being on speaking terms. I'd usually respond with "I'm not at liberty to say" or "It's between me and him"

The only people that know are both our families and 2

If I do say something I could ruin my chances at a relationship and ruin a friendship.

If you were James would you want to know?
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Sorry I should have clarified. I put the wrong age into the account. I'm 15, Alex (16), James (15) James knows about the assault and the nature of the "relationship" before hand. He agrees whilst my actions were reckless no does mean no.
If your friend sexually assaulted someone would you want to know?
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