Is someone really your friend if they keep basically EVERYTHING secret from you?

I used to be friends with this girl I met at work. We clicked instantly. I introduced her to my family who absolutely loved her. She literally became part of the family. Like the big sis we never had.

The thing is, she was OVERLY secretive! I mean, never wanted us to know her age, about her family, about her love life, where she lived. Everytime we'd hang, she's in a rush to leave. She only has exactly an hr or 2. Insisted on never getting a ride with us. I mean, it's one thing to be paranoid. But come on! I literally feel like I actually didn't know anything about her except her name. And she was in my life and new everything. I held on because I thought eventually she'd come around. After 7 years of this, I got fed up and drifted away from her. I kinda regretted it since she actually was a good friend inspite of her secrecy. So I tried reaching out to her for a year with no success and just let it go.

She ignored my attempts to reach out, even removed me from her fb, and yet hangs and talks with my bro who she met through me!! My bro invited her to a party and lied about it. And she gladly accepted. I'm particularly angry at her because I used to go to her when I had issues with my brother while she's there agreeing with me. I introduce her to my family, let her become a part of my life and yet she does this. And she doesn't even want me to meet her family? WTF?

Where did I go wrong? Is she backstabbing and underhanded? Is my bro disloyal to continue hanging/talking with her knowing what she did?
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What do you do about a friend who you let into your life but she keeps practically EVERYTHING a secret from you?
Is someone really your friend if they keep basically EVERYTHING secret from you?
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