Will my dad be angry me and my step brother bouth have romantic feelings for each other?

Last year before Christmas i moved to Norway to live with my step family and dad. My step family are actually from Belarus but immigrated to Norway in 2000 so they often speak a mix of languages when together, one second their talking Russian, then Norwegian and sometimes English whenever im around.

I found it really hard to fit in at first because of the language barrier. At first i thought my step brother hated me because he never spoke to me but when i confronted him, he said he was nervous to speak English in front of me because his English isn't great and he thought id make fun of him.

I just told him we could both help each other speak each others languages to get along better. We're both 19 and i had to share a room with him for a while whilst my dad sorted out mind. So we'd stay up at night talking. One day i had a really horrible fight with my dad and i remember going to bed that night and my step brother giving me a hug which also turned into us kissing but we bouth stopped before it got weird.

I have to amit i do have the hots for him, i don't know what people expect when you throw a 19 year old boy and girl in the same room together. I've seen it all and wow is all i can say.

We haven't done much about are feelings for each other yet nore told anyone but each other. We usually just snuggle in bed at night and once his mum saw but assumed we were just being friends.

We have a massive lake behind the house and sometimes my step brother goes swimming init naked like the weirdo he is, one night i joined him and that's when things got a more intimate. We ended up making out and him carrying me back to bed but after that i told him we should stop what we're doing. He got really upset and said he loved me but are parents won't be happy.

Were not brother and sister, it just happens but his mum is married to my dad. There's no blood between us and i want us to be happy and in love but i know my dad will be so angry with us.
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We really do bouth love each other like crazy but we have to keep in a secret or my dad will go crazy at us as he expects us to have a sibling relationship which is just stupid, it's not like we've grown up together and we're not related.

We're scared my dad will try and kick him out if anything sexual happens between us and he has shouted at him before just for flirting with me a little. We both said if he does kick him out we will run away back to England together and live with my mum
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We almost did have sex that night but we are bouth virgins and it really hurt and he didn't know what he was doing so i told him to stop and we haven't tried since, especially now we think my dad is on to us.

But i honestly don't think we have anything to ne ashamed of, it just happens are mum and dad met before we did and that doesn't make us siblings. He treats me lot better than other boys do and he's takes good care of me and makes me happy. I love him so much and that's all that matters
Will my dad be angry me and my step brother bouth have romantic feelings for each other?
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