Should I move in with my boyfriend and not have much to do with my family anymore?

Don't get me wrong i love my family so much but its difficult and complicated. None of them understand me. I have dyslexia and my dad and middle sister are always telling me in stupid and assume i can't read or write but have never actually bothered to see me writing or reading nore asked me if can, they just made the assumption im stupid because im dyslexic.

My middle sister is the biggest problem i have with the family. Ever since we've been kids she's been horrible to me pretty most days, she's whispering behind my back saying im ugly or stupid and laughing at me. She is just so cruel to me and my other sister but no one but me does anything about it and when i speak up my mum screams over the top of me and im the bad guy.

She used to skip school and be aggressive. She's caused my mum and dad so much trouble throughout the years, yet she's just that way because she sensitive according to them. They've never really ever told her off and when my dad would try to talk to her about her behaviour, he was also the bad guy.

She never cleans up after herself and is extremely lazy, Intitled and spoilt and we all have to step on egg shells for her. If anyone gives her the slightest criticism or tells her to do something, your bullying her and being mean. She can never just say "sorry i won't do that again".

Im always trying to be nice to her, letting her borrow my clothes, telling her she's pretty and asking her how are day is and in return she talks to me like shit and my mum just lets her.

My mum i love her very much, but she's a lot tougher on me then either of my sisters and I've always been the least trouble. If i did half the stuff my middle sister did she'd easy find away to punish me yet when it's my middle sister there's nothing she can do. This is the reason why my middle sister is the way she is because my mum has always been soft on her and gave her special treatment instead of actually ever taking action.
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I even refuse to go on holiday with her ever again as she's always throwing tantrums and criticising me and my sisters after doing something she was to scared to do, like ask for something im a restaurant for her because she doesn't want to do it but then afterwards she will make us feel bad about how we said or did something and tell us we're a embarrassment.

My boyfriend is thinking of buying a house next year as his business is really taking off and i love his home town.
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I don't think my boyfriend likes my sister either after everything I've told him about her not but i want him to dislike her but how can you like someone who treats your girlfriend like shit. He trys really hard to make a effort with her and she doesn't either bother saying hello to him.

Whenever i come back from his and talk about how much fun I've had all she can do is slut shame me and tell me to move in with him if i like it so much so she doesn't have to see me and says no one would miss
Should I move in with my boyfriend and not have much to do with my family anymore?
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