Wanting to move out?

I am 27M and still stay with my parents. I love my family but I cannot believe I am gonna say this - I want to move out. I don’t know why there is a feeling that I don’t have “freedom” or I guess do things freely. For example, when I go out with my friends, I usually come home early because I know they are worried about me, although they don’t say anything but I know.
I will be going back to school for further education which will take 3 years full time and hopefully a year after that I will probably move on.
Anyone feel or been in similiar situation? Do you get embarassed when someone asks you where you live and you tell them you ste living with your parents. I feel like starting 30 yr old, it’s time to be independent. I read people moving out at the age of 20 and it sounds crazy with bills etc.
Wanting to move out?
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