Why does my mom think this?

The neighbor's kid's mother are my stepdad's cousin. (Their mother is his cousin too). They come over a lot and never give my mom any breaks. It is very annoying.
Anyway, for a few weeks, one of the boys kept calling me names. One the first week, I told my mom and she told me that I can overlook them. A few weeks later, today, I decided to tell the boy's mom about his rude mouth. My mom was right beside the mother. After I told the mother, my mom gave me a disapproved face, telling me that I can overlook them. I told her exact this, "Mom, you know I have depression. I CAN overlook them, but it will eventually catch on to me." She just kept telling me that I can still overlook them. She's always thinking that depression is a phase. She doesn't fucking understand people with depression at all, does she?

The boy is a kid, yeah, I can overlook him, but words can get to me in the future. I haven't done anything to him for him to name-call me. Yes, I know he's a child. But that doesn't mean that he can call strangers names. He doesn't know what I've been through. I am surprised that I haven't strangled the kid yet.

He and his two siblings aren't innocent. They are disobedient and think that they own our home. They eat our shit, yet my mom and stepdad didn't do shit to keep them from coming over.

I did confront my mom about this, she did tell them to go home and didn't repeat herself. They didn't go home. Disciplines aren't enough. (Their mom disciplines them and they still haven't learned their lessons). No matter what kind of discipline - slapping, hitting them in the face - they will never learn.
Why does my mom think this?
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