Tell me which one's wrong. The parent or the child?

Let's call them Jordan and Mary. A married couple and they have 4 kids.

Jordan worked abroad for almost ten years in order to provide his family's needs. He comes home ocassionally with gifts for his children. New toys, foods, and gadgets.

He worked hard in order to earn a lot of money that he rarely buys anything for himself. He even lowers his budget when eating his everyday meals just to earn that money.

He comes home to surprise his loving wife just to find her with another man. He also found out that the guy was a drug addict and the savings he sent to his wife went to that guy. Furious, he beat his wife by slapping her.

Their fightings went to divorce and the wife left the 4 kids to his care. The wife was also pregnant with the other guy's kid. That's why she couldn't bring her children with her.

As years pass by, Jordan continued to work abroad to support his kids, they go to one of the best schools but then his kids started neglect him and ignore him.

Jordan thought his kids were just upset because he didn't have enough time to spend with them so worked hard and bought them the latest phone brand. They didn't even thank him. Jordan came back home and also met a woman who really cares about him and they started living together. They fixed their house and are now financially stable without working abroad.

As years go by, his children started to disrespect him until all of them ran away and went to their mother's side. Leaving their father.

What do you think happened to the children and why did they chose their mother despite her leaving them?

Was Jordan's love for his children not enough?
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Tell me which one's wrong. The parent or the child?
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