What's the worst betrayal you've experienced?

Mine is no question what my former fiancee did. I just recently discovered that she's not actually dead. Her mother told me last may that she was dead, she made an obituary, funeral, death certificate and everything. But she was never dead, she was in a coma for a few months and only a month ago was she given her phone back and she only talked to me when I noticed activity on Instagram and made a fake account to message her begging for answers. She's already with someone else and is moving in with him soon. Her death was the worst news I received in my life and i was hairs away from shooting myself to be with her again, but my current girlfriend saved me. While I'm glad she didn't die, this betrayal is crushing to me but I'm glad that now my wonders are over and I know the truth. Being abandoned and left for dead is a feeling I know all too well, particularly from those I love, but I'm glad that I can now move on and she deserves him for what she did to me. I'm selling the ring I bought her and shooting the box I engraved with our names on it and the date that I met her and getting rid of all of the things I made for her. What's the worst betrayal you've ever experienced?
Whats the worst betrayal youve experienced?
What's the worst betrayal you've experienced?
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