Would you cut your friends out over this?

So I have a friend group that remained quite close for years after our schooling. I have been good friends with one of them since 7th grade and friends with the other since we were 4yo (cousins).

So, the friend that I have known since 7th grade just had her mom pass away 4 months ago. I have been trying to see her to give her support but she always says she is fine and doesn't want to be around anyone. Well, she reaches out whenever she is upset and I talk it out with her but still have yet to find a spot in her schedule to see her.

My other friend has become a substance abuser. She was hooked on heroin for quite some time; still has moments of weakness but currently goes to the Methadone Clinic as a substitute (she's trying to get help).

2 months ago I tried helping my cousin out with anxiety and depression surrounding her becoming sober. However, since that point, I have fallen pretty deep in to depression myself and have tried reaching out several times because I have been feeling suicidal. Neither of them take the time to actually talk to me. The first friend I discussed says things like "Oh, I'm sorry". My friend hooked on Heroin ignores me.

I had asked them both why they ignore me like that when I actually need them (it's not often at all that I reach out for my own problems) and one of them actually said "Because we have bigger problems. Not to discredit whatever it is you are going through but I can't have negativity in my life when I am trying to focus on positive things; such as becoming sober. So if you are depressed, find money to get a therapist because I know that I personally dont have the energy to help you or talk about your depression because it brings me down."

It hurts quite a bit because they reach out to me whenever they are in a slump but when its me who needs to talk to someone, they turn their backs because their problems are bigger than mine.
Would you cut your friends out over this?
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