Am I wrong for taking the last of my moms money?

My mom borrowed 5 bucks so I could get to work, the gas tank is empty.
The man was generous enough to give 15 bucks for the gas tank.

My mom wants to spend 5 of the 15 on food, since we are low on food.
I refused to give her the 5 bucks because 15 bucks is all I have for gas.

Am I wrong?
I don’t feel bad because..

•We’re very low on food but we still have a bit left.

•She spends all of her income on cigarettes & her addiction. She’s terrible with handling money & her priorities are garbage.

•I’m working so I can bring home more money, I haven’t even received my first check yet, I can’t miss or be late.

She wants to worry about the important stuff after she feeds her addiction
She should’ve saved a small amount for times like this
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Am I wrong for taking the last of my moms money?
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