What if I don't like his parants that much?

What do I tell him if I don't want to go with him at his parents on the weekend? I don't feel comfortable around them. His mother is a psychologist and at first I really liked her, but after 3 years of relationship, I realized that he is a momma's boy. He agrees with her everytime. His mother likes everything that he likes and if I join the conversation and say something wrong about the subject, he gives me a bad look. Then one night I was going inside the house and I heard his mother telling him that he can't go anywhere with his friends because he has me (we wanted to go out that night with his friends, but they were not home) , and when I told him that I heard his mother, he told me that she just joked. God forbit I dare to say anything about her, I don't even try. What I totally dislike is the fact that she always tells me to make my hair curlier and to put lipstick on, because I'm much beautiful. Now he started telling me this too and I really want to punch him. So please give me excuses to avoid them as much as I can.
What if I don't like his parants that much?
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