I love my family but they make my life kind of miserable?

I’ve noticed a pattern in how my happiness shifts. It’s like I’m having an already shit day and it just gets even absolutely 10x worse when I get home. The state of our house is a complete shithole whether it’s how people literally don’t give a shit about cleaning, the way there is no system to who does what or simply the people themselves, whether it’s my father being stressed about everything and everyone because of his decision to commit to having a family (his presence already pisses me off because I know how many times he cheated on my stepmom), therefore putting his anger on everyone around him or my step mom being tired and complaining about small details and feeding my already overweight brother whatever he wants. It’s always “People should clear the dishes more often, people should clean the plates properly, people should stop spilling vegetables/leaving stains on the floor” just address my 23 year old sister already because it’s shit she does and i’m also tired of, so please don’t act like I’m a part of it just for the sake of being “fair” she’s a slob and my parents need to tell her that. I’ve tried to address everything I’ve written above but it simply doesn’t work. What can I do despite waiting earning enough income to move out?
I love my family but they make my life kind of miserable?
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