Is it wrong If the woman doesn’t want her kid?

My cousin had a baby that lives with the dad in a different state and my cousin only spent maybe 2 - 3 weeks with the baby after she was born. Well the baby is 2 now and she still doesn’t want to see her child. I try not to judge because I’m not a mother and I know everyone’s thinking/hearts are different but when I asked her about it she just seems so disconnected. Her and her baby daddy had issues back then with him cheating while she was pregnant but she claims they have no bad blood and since his parents care for the baby more than he really does they have ruled out child support since there’s enough help on their side. Is it wrong that she doesn’t want her daughter anymore? She said she was more of a gift for him and his family since his mom miscarried 3 times and his 5 year old sister has nobody to play with.

I love my cousin and stand by her but the daughter is still family. Although she lives in a different state we send money and facetime the baby but my cousin doesn’t do anything at all and it worries me a bit.
Is it wrong If the woman doesn’t want her kid?
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