Slowly losing a friend, is it done?

I will try to sum it up as simply as I can but I want to start by saying that although this friend is a girl, it is just a friend, there was nothing more than that.

So I’ve known this person for around a year, we just happened to meet one day and it was just one of those people that you instantly connect with. I mean it was great for around 10 months, just so easy to be around.

well around 2 months ago I noticed a bit of distance growing I guess you could say, It wasn’t any one thing it was many things over time, we’d do less, they seemed less involved in conversation etc. So instead of bringing it up I just put more effort into my side, tried to do more, took more of an interest in what they do. But them being distant didn’t go away, so I brought it up and it was a kind of an argument, we didn’t talk for a week or two but eventually she contacted and we both apologised and for a month or so it maybe even better than what it had been.

but again over the past few weeks very distant. And I simply brought it up, no nasty tones, no nasty words, just talked and they immediately were very hostile. So again we’re currently not talking.

I know people change and once great friendships dissipate over time and you’re left wondering of what might’ve been, it’s happened before and I’m sure it’s happened to all of you.

But my overall question is what should I do from here, I know that no contact is designed for romantic breakups right? Is it applicable here? do I just move on and let everything take its course naturally?
Slowly losing a friend, is it done?
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