What are you thoughts on parental alienation?

That's when two people either divorced, separated or broke up (as they never got married), have children and talk bad about the other parent to the child or children. It could be one parent bad mouthing the other or both parents bad mouthing each other to the kids. The goal ( I assume), is to make the child or children have the same hatred they do towards that person.

Examples of what a parent might say when talking bad:

Your mother/ father is a liar
Your mother/ father is a horrible person
Your mother/ father is a cheater
Your mother/ father is nothing but a drunk
Your mother/ father doesn't love you like I do, if they did they'd be on time

Basically, any negative thing you could think to say about an ex but only it's said to a child.

I personally, think it's wrong to do that to a child and cruel is some ways. I ask this question because it was a What Would You Do scenario last night and I thought I'd take it to the people.

So, what are your personal thoughts and feelings about this? Do you think it can do harm to a child emotionally speaking and effect them later on? What are your thoughts?
What are you thoughts on parental alienation?
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