Am I wrong for not taking my mom to the store?

I’m on my 4th year of college (not graduating though) and last year, my mom and I had our own cars. She ended up crashing hers, so I let her use mine. About 3 weeks ago, she was driving my car to work and it broke down, so I told her to have it towed to the shop and that I’ll pay for it. Instead, she had her sisters boyfriend “fix” the car, and he made it worse. So I had to buy another car (literally a few days later... used up all of my savings too 🙄) because I was going back to college the following week. Now that the semester has started, I’ve been taking my mom to and from work everyday, while taking a full course load (17 credits).

My mom is constantly criticizing my driving and won’t let me play MY music in MY car. So I told her to get an uber the next time she needs to go to the store, because I’m tired of her constantly criticizing me when I’m doing HER a favor. The time I spend driving her to and from work, is time that I could be using for studying.

Anyway, she’s mad at me and telling the whole family how I’m an ungrateful daughter etc, and now I don’t know what to do. Should I feel bad for her?
Am I wrong for not taking my mom to the store?
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