I let my grandmother move in with me and now she is overstepping?

So, my grandmother is 69 and I have always been her favorite grandchild. We have been talking for quite a few months about her moving in with me because of her horrible living situation and finally made it official on Sunday. I went and grabbed all of her belongings (which took me all day and a lot of gas) and moved her in myself. I also have 3 children under the age of 9.

She said that when she moved in she would help me around the house as well as babysit while I work and given that it would be extremely helpful to me, I told her she wouldn't have to pay rent or anything and to just use her money for her meds.

So, it's only been a couple of days. Since she moved in she has taken over my entire livingroom (I offered her the spare room but she apparently doesn't like it). She has kind of used my kids as her little minions. Whenever she needs anything she will call their name and have them do it versus asking me or even attempting to do it for herself. I have spent over $300 for supplies needed for her care (a shower seat, a lifted toilet seat, adult diapers, food that went with her diet, etc). She is very appreciative but it's already starting to cause problems.

We no longer have access to hanging out in our livingroom because her boxes of stuff are everywhere. She stays up until like 2am watching tv and is up and about around 6am. She nonstop talks my ear off so I can't get anything done. She doesn't ask for anything but rather tells me and just expects me to drop everything to accommodate. She also has made "chore charts" for my kids since arriving, despite the fact that I already have one and had gone against my house rules (my kids are not to eat in the livingroom but she allows it when I am at work).

I have never lived with her so this is all new to me. I figured that where I work with the elderly that this would be a breeze but it's not. Any advice on how to lower my stress levels so that I can accommodate to her, my kids and myself?
I let my grandmother move in with me and now she is overstepping?
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