How to find gatherings/parties?

Maybe this is stupid but I'm a senior and I honestly feel like I missed out on everything in highschool. I go to all girls school and am practically in the loser/weird nerd group. I've never been on a date, never been to a real party, never kissed anybody... maybe I'm just being stupid... but I've always wanted to be in the social scene highschool but I'm awkward and people don't seem to like that. I'm always the person whose "nice, but someone who you call when you have no one else to hang out with." I'm currently sitting in my car wanting to sneak out and am dissapointed and sad because I have literally nowhere to go. This has happened two times before and I just end up going back in my house, taking off my freshly done makeup, and going to bed unsatisified and bored of what being a teenager has to offer. I thought these were supposed to be fun years, I thought this was when I'd figure out who I am... but I have no clue and feel like I've wasted my youth in ways. Any advice?
How to find gatherings/parties?
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