Am I being the bad parent here?

So recently my husband and I were having a conversation about teens smoking weed and he said that he would like to smoke it with our 14 year old which I wasn't ok with because they are still a child and that maybe we could talk to them about the pros and cons on smoking weed because I know eventually maybe they would try it but it doesn't hurt to acknowledge them about it and I told my husband that if he is going to smoke weed with them at least wait till they're 18 and out of high school. So he made me feel bad for expressing my feelings and called me a hypocrite all because I told him that do believe marijuana should be legalize but I do believe you should be 18 to use it recreationally and because I told him how my grandma wanted me to try weed when I was 15 and I tried to explain to him that just because that happened to me doesn't mean I want to give my child that experience and again I'm not comfortable with the idea of an underage person smoking weed. So I don't know if I'm overracting or just being the best parent that I can be...
Am I being the bad parent here?
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