How to not let little comments get to you?

Little comments tend to get to me in general but specifically, my roommate and I were talking about people from our high schools. She said a lot of them were type A and she didn't really like that, but then she said "I like an in between, since no offense but type B people are too lazy". I consider myself type B and it just feels like she called me lazy which kinda bothers me since I'm a pretty hardworking person. I do stay in my room a lot but that's because I'm doing work and I'm pretty sure she knows that. I just don't go out a lot which can I guess be perceived as "lazy" but she never invites me to go out with her. Probably because she thinks I'm "lazy" and wouldn't want to. Just being called lazy bothers me as you can tell.
How to not let little comments get to you?
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