Should I wait any longer on my best friend/supposed girlfriend?

My best friend kelly is 16, I am 17. we have known each other since grade 1 -10 years now- and we got close about 3 years ago. She is the typical best friend, but I think we are more and so does everyone else, however, she has an online boyfriend.

I was fed up with her countless online boyfriends and her having no apparent interest in me so I got a girlfriend, which eventually led to an online relationship because she moved to the states. My girlfriend was so much like kelly and she admitted to me that she got a boyfriend after I got a girlfriend that was so much like me.

My girlfirend could tell that I really cared for kelly and she became insecure. I decided it was time to move on with my girlfriend so a tried ending everything with kelly. the next 5 days or so kelly avoided me and Ifinally just delted her from my phone and everything. It didn't end there, she went to my good guy firends and was asking why I wasny responding to anything from her. eventually we ended up on Facebook together at 3am-ish. I told her that I was tired of being number 2 all the time and her not acknowledging me., ending with "we need a break this is goodbye, no more talking to each other for a while now". She pleaded for me to stay saying that she was cutting herself as we spoke. she told me that she didn't want to live without me because she really loved me (she showed me the cuts the next time we met in person), she then posted it so that everyone could see and I posted that I love her too (to her texting and public announcements mean more than an in person "I love you").

By the end of the night we had decided to break up with out partners and be together in real life. the next days I broke up with my girlfriend but 4 months later she hasn't broken up with her bf.

Up until now we have been very close and everyone thinks of me as her boyfriend (even after she hooked up with my bro-friend at myb-day). we spend our whole days together at school and then on average 6 hours along after school with eachother.

Next wek her boyfriend is going off to serve some time in the anvy and the way I've been told, they won't be speaking to each other and she doesn't plan to be faithful, even less than she is already.

it bothers me so much the way she treats her guys and how immoral she is but I still care very much for her and don't want to miss my chance with her I am contemplating 2 things right now. the next time she says "you love me" reply "and you love brandon" and have it out with her one last time to end our friendship. Or stick it out for 2 weeks or so after they split and if she doesn't show that she wants to officially be together, leave her be and go our seperate ways.

What I would like an opinion on is which decisin I should make or should we just be friends. But the problem I have with that is her friend ship to me means tht we are not together and that doesn't sit right with me. I have told her this. There are many more details ut this is the just of it,

Please commetn ASAP Thanks.
Should I wait any longer on my best friend/supposed girlfriend?
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