Are Latin mother generally tough?

My boyfriend's mother and mine are Latinas. My mother is from Peru and his mother from Nicaragua. However, my mother has always been soft with me. She couldn't bear ever hitting me.

The only single time I ever received a slap from her (I was in my early 20's), it was during an argument. I said a couple things that were rude and overdid it on the words. She slapped me and next thing is I slapped her back. I made her cry that day. She had this ''how could you'', shocking expression. She got scared of me. I did regretted afterwards though and never did it again.
My boyfriend said his mother was a lot tougher. He added that if my mother was her and I had slapped her back, she would've messed me up and I would be the one crying. In his own words, he both feared and respected her. He told me I got lucky because he wouldn't be if he had done that to his mother. But honestly, are Latin mothers tough (in general) as my boyfriend's mother?
Are Latin mother generally tough?
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