I hate my dad so much is it normal?

I hate him so much he has such a bad temper and yells about every little thing that isn’t even worth yelling about. For example, the WiFi in our house is slow and I’m trying to do my online college courses so I asked him why the WiFi is slow because I wasn’t able to get into my lecture and he starts screaming and yelling like I asked something terrible. He will literally throw a tantrum jump up and down and keep in mind this is a 55 year old man. He grosses me out. And today he hit me and pushed me for no reason even though he told me I have to stop seeing my ex boyfriend because my ex slapped me once. I think he’s right about telling me to stop seeing my boyfriend but if he’s going to hit me too he’s nothing but a hypocrite. Why is it only wrong for others to use violence but when it comes to him it’s okay? I hate him so much! But I feel bad for hating him because he does help me a lot he pays for my college and everything I need, he is supportive in other ways, like when I totaled my car he would drive me to work and back, and sometimes has random moments of being really nice to me so I feel guilty for hating him this much but I can’t help it. Am I wrong?
I hate my dad so much is it normal?
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