How can I stop making other people around me uncomfortable :( ?

I'm 25 years old have 0 friends and most of the time I'm alone... back in my school days I use to get bulled because I have a big nose I was always a quiet shy girl and still am. Middle school was the worst years of my life and that's when I started to cut school and get in trouble so much. Nobody knew I was getting bullied :/ I had a few friends I high school and we hanged out but unfortunately I was already traumatized from being bullied and I never took highschool serious and I was sent to a different school because my gpa was low and needed credits to graduated. I loved school and I loved learning but being bullied was the only reason I stopped going to school , I was sad I was unhappy and I was scared to go to school and get bullied , eventually I notice that my fear was no longer the same and I started getting more anxious and having anxiety.. I never graduated hs and my parents got divorced when I was 18 and I was going through a lot. I notice as I got older my anxiety level would grow each year , I don't like the way I look I have a ugly big nose , finding a job has always been difficult to find and to keep because im afraid to show my profile , to have social conversation. Everybody around me feels uncomfortable because I know they notice im uncomfortable. These past years I haven't seen my mom or dad family because im so scared they going to judge me and see "im weird " quiet and shy because my self-esteem is so low. I really hate myself I wish I had a personality I wish I was able to talk without being awkward I literally don't have no friends I only talk to my mom but she has her own life. im sad I can't hang out at family parties because of my social anxiety.
How can I stop making other people around me uncomfortable :( ?
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