Would you stay friends with someone like this?

I have a best friend who happens to be Jehovah's Witness, which I respect just all religions but recently he's been acting out of line lately because it seems like nowadays after we graduated high school, whenever someone says something like, "happy holidays" to him he flips out like he's getting murdered and tells them, "how dare you tell me that when I'm a JW." And clearly you can tell that these people didn't know his religion and he has been losing friends because of it and I've too had to distance myself from him because one day, he comes to visit me and tells me that he won't come inside unless if take down all of my Christmas decorations which of course upset my family and I and I had a conversation with him about how I respect his religion and all but one, he can't tell someone else what to do in their house just because it's not what he believes in and two, whenever someone says, "happy holidays" to him or whatever, he should respond it in a mature and better way.
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Would you stay friends with someone like this?
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