Was this disrespectful to my mom?

My mom was telling me to bathe the dog and as i was carrying the dog to take him a bath i jokingky told her "okay gossip lady" because she's always talking on the phone and she was on the phone so i said that as a joke she completely flipped out threw 2 remotes at me but failed and then she followed me to the closet and kept on hitting me telling me to not call her that again that she was talking on the phone dealing with business and problems i kept telling her that i was just joking with her but like always she is always right. Did i deserve this? Currently crying right now and my little brother started crying too when he saw the way she acted and she blamed it all on me saying that im causing mental damage to him. I'm always the one that helps her everyday she is always asking for help with dishes and stuff and yesterday when she was on the verge of tears talking about her problems i gave her a hug. I'm very sad this whole week has sucked.
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When she started hitting me i accidentally hit her back as a reaction but it wasn't hard or anything i think i was just trying to block her i really wasn't violent at all then i quickly stopped i think it was like my instinct but i didn't hurt her at all
Was this disrespectful to my mom?
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