How should I feel?

With this woman for 17 years though we have never lived together and more than likely never will. She has four adult kids. One male three female. The oldest female lives with her and has a 7 yr old son. Good kid. Bare with me, this is a little long. Just recently she move to SC from NY, just before Covid 19 started. Since then money has been tight so I have not gone down to see her. Since moving down there she has been very very busy with working from home and two new puppies and whatever else she is doing. Well, three weeks ago she went on vacation ( I figured less busy) to New Mexico where her middle daughter and husband live. She text me when she arrived at her destination and not a peep after. 5 days go by and I decided to text the daughters to say hello, twenty minutes later my woman texts hey I am back I just got home last night, to let me know at 3 something in the afternoon. (Like I was an afterthought)
My question to everyone is how exactly should I feel? Because I feel a lot of heart ache and don't have the right to feel this way (or do I) and what should I do?
I have talked to her about it and she did not seem very comforting to me. I ask what happened she said she was busy. Help hopefully I am not overacting. (But seems when the kids come around I do not exist) and not to mention she does not have a whole lot of time for me. She fits me in into her tight schedule. I think for some strange reason I am jealous of her kids. I know that is not right. What should I do?
How should I feel?
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