Can anyone just give me answers?

Sooo my mums finally gone away on holiday she’s been gone since September and well she was returning October but wants to stay till November... point is I have my rest of the family I have to look after like my younger brothers.. I’m at a point where coping is out my ability now and ontop of all that I been getting nightmares about my family or I’m thinking about my mum too much this has been going on since she left I thought it was a phase of maybe I’m missing her but now I don’t know.. Yeah I do have mental health I have anxiety more than depression now I dunno if me thinking about my family or my mum Separating or drifting from me has something to do with my anxiety... 😭😭😭😭 Notthing is making any sense to the way I feel someone please help me
Can anyone just give me answers?
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