Is this man a terrible father?

Quan is 41 years old. He is a single parent and has a 9 year old daughter named Zaya. Zaya has always had food, a roof over her head, and decent medical insurance but when she was 16, he stopped giving it to her, so she had to get a job working at a fast food restaurant. Quan always makes sure Zaya's hair is straight. He told her she's pretty for a dark skinned girl and she'd have a lot of problems dating because of it. When Quan was broke, he was physically abusive and dated dark skinned women, when he became more stable/ rich he started dating white and Latina women. He eventually got his girlfriend pregnant. When the baby was born, he gushed about how beautiful she was and how he's going to protect her from those peverted boys at school. He even joked about how she could be a model one day because she has good hair, unlike Zaya.

He taught Zaya the importance of being strong and not needing anyone but herself to depend on when times get tough.
Yes, he is.
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Is this man a terrible father?
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