Is this messed up?

Since I was 11 my mom made me go to therapy and psychologists until I was 18 then I decided that I didn’t want to go anymore. The reason why she made me go to therapy for all those years was because I was very shy and still am and I have an introverted personality which she does not and I personally felt like she wanted to change me and taking me to therapy just made me feel abnormal. I personally didn’t like therapy because I always felt like they were fake and just wanted money my last therapist was a little rude and kept asking me how long I was going to be there. And my mom also in high school put me in a special ed class that was supposed to help me be less shy and better at socializing and that special ed class ended up being full of guys with anger issues it wasn’t for me at all. I feel like all this time my mom has made me feel abnormal because I’m very shy, like to be alone, and struggle with eye contact she made me feel like there’s something mentally wrong with me and started bringing me to psychologists since I was 11 thinking about that now makes me feel bad because there’s nothing really wrong with me except that I’m super shy and not the best at socializing and she just doesn’t understand because she’s different and maybe other people were saying stuff about me to her. She is constantly angry, mentally hurts people a lot and verbally but she doesn’t get any help for it, she even accuses my dad of having mental problems and she even calls me slow and brings me down quite a lot and is always arguing.
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I failed a job interview but I still got a different job in a restaurant
Is this messed up?
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