Why does my sister treat me like dirt?

There is so much things she has done which are :

- she called a pedophile for not taking care of my cousin’s children because I was cleaning the dishes. Basically my sister told me I have two Choices - clean the dishes or take care of the children. I said I want to clean the dishes since I hate children.
She called me a pedophile and I was crazy.

- she called me stupid for not giving my laptop to my aunt which i PAID for. The laptop is used for university.

- she always bullied me by pushing me on the floor, hitting me, calling me a psychopath, weirdo, laughs at my music taste, says she will take my children away when I have a child (I don’t want children by the way) and made me cry a lot by lying to my mother about the charger which I bought with my own money then gave it to her since her charger broke. A few months later, my charger broke and I asked her if I can use the charger I lend to her, she said no and made me a horrible person by hiding the charger and telling my family members that I am crazy.

I saw the charger today when she was downstairs [we share the same room] and it was the same one I bought in February 2020. I don’t know why she does this.

You may think she’s a teenager but nope, she’s 24 years old. I am nineteen years old and I haven’t done anything stupid to make her hate me. My mother says my sister is jealous but is she? I don’t even know... man.

She has done some things like flashed her vagina when she tried to wake me up in the middle of the night (I was freaking out and slept downstairs living room, i have been since May 2020).

She says no one likes me and says I am the bad person like? How?
Why does my sister treat me like dirt?
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