Why is he so dumb?

There’s a guy I’ve been talking to for about a year and we are planning to see next week. We have a lot of mutual friends and we were classmates in primary school. We’ve only spoken on Instagram or twitter dms and he’s never asked for my number. I decided to take a break of social media and used the opportunity to send him my number so he could reach offline as I won’t open his messages online and I even told him I had a panic attack as well. All he said was “alight, take it easy” with a heart emoji. Later on I got an email notification saying he sent me a message and it showed the link to a meme. I’m annoyed because this is his opportunity to try to talk to me on phone and now I’ve lost the interest in wanting to see him. My friends and cousin said when I am back online, I should let him know that he’s insensitive to have kept messaging me online after I told him not to. And I will do that for my peace of mind and to let him know what he’s doing is not cool. But what are your advice on this.
Why is he so dumb?
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