They made me feel terrible?

In high school as a senior I am in charge of doing senior superlatives. I came up with a whole list of stuff and I had a “friend” who told me to do “most likely to be a supermodel” and he suggested two girls in my grade and honestly that hurt my feelings because I told him I wasn’t putting that and he said they were the most attractive in the grade.

Also we had other superlatives for best smile and best eyes and stuff like that and out of all the 20+ people in my class, no one out me for either categories and just rotated around like 4 different girls in our grade and there’s only 7 or 8 of us.

I was so hurt when I found all of this out and it messed up my self esteem. On some people’s papers I wasn’t even on there at all. I am very quiet but I KNOW I am not ugly. Several people have called me pretty. How do I stop feeling like crap? I never told anyone how that affected me
They made me feel terrible?
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