Do you depend mostly on your friends on planning to go out socially or if they can't you go out on your own?

Do you depend mostly on your friends on planning to go out socially or if they cant you go out on your own?
Even if by ourself won't be the same as beign surrounded by a group of friends to enjoy some time togehter? But also the risk of going out by yourself is to find some strangers out there, unknown people, some whackos (LOL!!) and it could be dangerous. Or your friends always hang out together and if one makes plan most of them say yes and hang out together because you are close?

In my case I depend on my own unfortunately. The friends I suppose to have for me are not really considered friends just close acquaintances. The thing is sadly most of my friends are married and Im not married and have kids (but they are not small kids anymore), so itis natural their priorities are different than mine. The times we had hanged out together had been because finally after so many many attempts to try to organize anything, they had no choice than to finally say yes and plan to go out, becaue it has been too long we dont see each other like more than 3 months or even more.

Also I dont have a lot of friends either and mostly the ones I have are female, I dont have many male friends or close acquaintances I can count on to plan anything to go out even something spontaneously as everything had to be plan ahead due to the fact they are married and have other priorities to deal with first in order to set an scheduled date and hour. But also cause we all do not live like close to one another and even by car they sometimes make excuses that the place planned to go out is too far.

Another reason I dont hagn out much socially with them is they dont like some things I enjoy doing it as hobbies, they have other tastes too. For instance tomorrow there will be a Catrinas Festival in a restaurant and in taht festival Mexican food will be sold, Mexican goodies too and the event is open to the public and there will be even make up artist putting Catrinas make you to the people attending the restaurant I love the Catrina character and I will love
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to have make up on me.

So I ask a friend who is single and no dating like me if she can go with me or like to go, no compromise, So she told me "No, Im going to the spa" I told another close acquataince the same thing and she said: Sounds nice but I let you know". I ask anotehr one and she said Im not into that stuff. Another one told me "IM afraid of the Covid thing and people in the restaurant". And lastly I told my sister and she said: Mmm I can't tomorrow im going out with the husband,
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but do you want to go? then ask your gym friends she asked me. and I said to her: No they are not into that stuff So I guess I will end up going out by myself tomorrow, I could not count with anyone. This situation happens to me often. Im the one who are after the friends to plan things cause they do not to do it on their own. they just wait other friends to plan things and just invite them and they will say they can't or can. The reason I can't depend on friends but I dont like to go out alone.
Do you depend mostly on your friends on planning to go out socially or if they can't you go out on your own?
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