My friend hangs out with the wrong crown, what should I do?

I have a friend who is attracted to horrible asshats. Every time she introduces me to a group or people or a guy that she likes, they are drug dealers or some sort of wannabe rappers. They always mistreat her so badly, sometimes making her physically run after them or bring them drinks and serve them. But they also attempt to mistreat me, which usually leads to an altercation because I’m not ok with this.

I have a respectful job, a long term boyfriend, a house etc. So I feel like I left that lifestyle behind. My friend is also a student at a fairly good university but she still acts like she did in high school. Her idea of a perfect partner is based on how many Instagram followers he’s got and how low his pants hang...

I don’t have the right to critique her preferences, I know, but once these guys start to mistreat me and my friend just sits there like a subservient puppy, I just can’t take it. We had a falling out last night over a Halloween party where she invited the guy she likes and his friends and they pretty much tried to boss everyone around. One of them tried to fight me (physically)... anyway I snapped when they told us that they’ll be shooting fireworks right on campus above people’s heads or driving somewhere else to do it, even though the driver could barely walk straight. I told my friend that I’ll be going home and I’m just not happy with the kind of company she brings around. She got mad and told me that they’re nice people and I’m just too judgmental. She also kept repeating that one of them promised to make her famous and she is just using him. (Those guys are 18/19 and most of them sell drugs so I don't know...) anyway, what should I do next? How do I preserve this friendship?
My friend hangs out with the wrong crown, what should I do?
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