Why do many move out at 23 and live with partner & no longer with parents?

I’m asking because I’m 23 and my parents want be to be 5 years old. I see girls driving own car, living shopping with boyfriend, going out for fun with friends or boyfriend, decorating their own apartment or studio. I’m only with parents or alone & as I’m starting be more & more independent I’ve been in misery with parents fighting daily. I got my own studio a month ago but I don’t stay there daily as I’m sick with anxiety choke on food. But mom came visit yesterday & she only gets jealous & now says I think I’m all that. To get my own studio that’s not normal for a 23 year old do I’m going down trash wrong path she says. I have my own clothing business I barely make sales weekly like full time job but now she wants copy me sell clothes too says y I don’t give her all my
budiness money? I can’t buy things at store she says don’t buy things for my room. dad gives me rides for my errands cuz I can’t get liscense as I hav no one show me to drive. Dad stopped teaching me a month half ago & we fought as he began drive my car use it for work & im an adult I need drive & they get angry I pay taxi. So now I’m stuck will take time to save $300 for driving school. boyfriend visits my studio but not often but I feel he’s only one that supports me. I don't know y I’m seen to family as trash like a rock with no life I plan very soon hope begin own life live with boyfriend soon one day.
Why do many move out at 23 and live with partner & no longer with parents?
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