Is it wrong to cut ties with your mom?

I’m an empath and she’s completely draining. She’s very negative minded and a very evil negative person. She loves to see bad things happen to me and most of all she’s a bully. People always say to “love thy mother”. However I should be able to love her from a distance. My sister and her have a really close relationship and I’m still trying to learn why. Every time she calls someone she got to speak negative about someone and their life. She has did horrible things behind my sister back that she still doesn’t know about. My sister blames her behavior on mental illness and always tell me”you don’t understand how mama grew up”. My mom is sneaky, and evil. People around here call her the devil because her energy is heavy and dark. My mom has always treated me differently in life including always calling me my sister name. I was basically her punching bag she could abuse and embarrass in life. I was the black sheep in the family.
Is it wrong to cut ties with your mom?
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