What would you think of this person?

Consider this situation.
There's one friend in a group of friends. He's very helpful and supportive of the group. He's always available for help, he talks to his friends when they're having a tough time. He shares study material for college lectures and helps the group revise for exams. He cherishes the group and is genuinely happy when something good happens to anyone.
But whenever the group plans an outing or plans to go to a restaurant or a club or the park, or even a birthday party; this guy never joins and always declines invitations to come.

You can call him at 1 am in the night to talk about your insecurity and he'll stay talking for hours until you feel better but mention going to a new year party and he'll say no faster than the speed of light.

What opinion do you form of this person? What would you if you had a friend like this?
What would you think of this person?
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