Was this kid wrong for calling his mom a bitch?

Jasper is 13 years old. He has a three year old brother named Milo who's deaf and being potty trained. Unfortunately, Kara is a single mother and for the last 2 years Jasper basically gave up his childhood to become a father. The next morning, Jasper is tired, angry, and really needs to pee, but puts Milo on the toilet first. Milo doesn't go. Jasper tries to squeeze Milo's stomach, Milo bites him. Jasper screams at him and says what the hell is wrong with you? Milo cries. Kara runs In and yells at Jasper. Jasper eventually pisses himself because Kara wouldn't leave the bathroom. After they're arugment, she says maybe your the one who needs diapers not your brother. Jasper says fuck you bitch, you take care of him then. I'm not his FATHER.
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Was this kid wrong for calling his mom a bitch?
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