Why does the rest of my family hate my aunt?

My Aunt Brenda (not her real name) is somewhat estranged from my family. Fifteen years ago she moved to DC with her lawyer husband and hasn’t really looked back. She is quite successful, has no kids, quite “posh” (for a lack of a better word, she reminds me a lot of Kamala Harris), and every time I see her on Facebook she is traveling with her husband or doing some sort of fun activity. She is very nice to me and is always willing to help me or give me life, career, or academic advice (she helped me get my current job because she was in the same sorority as my Director). She is very fun and is hilarious, on the rare occasions that I see her.

The rest of my family seems to hate her and there is obvious tension on the rare occasions that she does come to a family function. My family seems to have condescending remarks toward her (like judging her designer items, if she says that she’s tired, they tell her that she doesn’t know what tired is being that she has no kids, telling her that she is “White”) and she just rolls with the punches until she gets uncomfortable enough and leaves. My family complains that she is never around, but when she is around things like this happens.

When I ask my my family what their problem is with her, they say that she thinks that she is better than everyone and “bougie”. While I will say that she is a bit out of touch, un-relatable, and stiff, I’ve never gotten that from Aunt Brenda. They also get upset that Aunt Brenda doesn’t come around but they do things such as the things mentioned before.

Why does the rest of my family seem to hate Aunt Brenda?
Why does the rest of my family hate my aunt?
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