Why I have horrible dad?

he never care about us, he never show love, he never give me any gift, he never celebrate my birthday, he never give me pocket money, he never try to talk to me,..

while other friends, they got perfect fathers. why I got horrible dad? I feel like he's not my biological dad. I feel disgusting every time looking at his face.

my friends even tho they came from poor family, their dad works shitty job, they still got a car, able to go to driving school to get license car, always received pocket money, able to go out to have fun with friends, celebrate birthdays and receive gift, always willing to take pictures with family, their dad is like their best friend.

my dad is completely opposite than other father. I feel sad having a dad like him. he treat me like a stranger, a beggar, a maid.
Why I have horrible dad?
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