If being accused of using a girl for sex the worst thing to gossip about a man?

My mother used to meddle too much and gossip bad things about my boyfriend. She literally made others believe he was using me for sex. He talked about him as if he was the worst guy ever. Her best friend at the time (an older woman who was also my friend) died years ago. She died believing he was using me for sex, for my virginity.

The reason he got upset and visited me less was because one day my mother herself said ''don't come, my husband's friend and relatives are coming over for a whole week, you can come some other time''. He close to my house already and he felt excluded, hurt and offended. So he got upset and then my mother got upset at his reaction (him not coming over anymore) and started gossiping endlessly about him. Then she insulted him on my b-day, issued him a false apology over the phone and continued being a fake person for years. His friendship with her was a falsity for years.

Only after her health started getting worst and this pandemic not going away, she started softening her stance and has accepted him by now. I told her the real version, which she questioned why I never spoke up for him. She wouldn't have listened. She only started listening to me now. It took him a long time (years) for him to finally forgive her.
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I feel this is the equivalent of a guy's mother gossiping terrible things about me being a golddigger to others and making them believe it.
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He only recently forgave her this year because he believes in god. He himself said that holding grudges means you don't have god in your heart and that means you don't believe in god.
If being accused of using a girl for sex the worst thing to gossip about a man?
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