Family matter. Just want to release my feelings?

Hi everyone,
Today is totally a bad day for me. I’ve 2 siblings. I’m the oldest and my sister is just 3 years younger than me. I had a problem with my sister. We adopted a dog. My dog is a spoil dog, when ever the house’s gate opened he will run outside. Yesterday, my husband he shouted but more like a call over because the dog was at the gate and he was inside the house. And my sister text me that she could hear the shouted and she doesn’t like that and discipline me and my husband to use other method and we went a little bit debated. Today I talk to my mom because we live all together in a big house. I don’t want her to say anything to her in law ( my husband) I don’t the bad feeling between them. But she was overwhelmed... I don't know how to describe. She went mad , and screaming saying that we should leave the house if there’s a problem. Then she went to her room close her door loudly. After a few minutes she came down had a scene and went out. My mom cried and she doesn’t talk to me. note: I did not directly talk to her , I talked to mom and she heard it. She almost a junior now. I don't know what to feel or what to say. I live with my mom, I don’t earn big money. I can’t afford my living. My mom support my baby. What I’m upset here is because I’m not the smart kid of my parents. I couldn’t graduate. I’m their trouble. I give them a hardship. But I know my place because I couldn’t make them proud, I’ve never ask for anything. Just food and shelter. I know they love me but less than my sister. Now mom doesn’t talk to me because I make a hardship for her and my sister because I talk her to not to say anything affects the in law.
Compare things between us since we were younger, I wear 60$ bag and she wear 1500$ bag. Whenever we argue I had to keep my mouth shut and accept the fault. I love my parents anyway. I’m just upset here and is it really fault?
Family matter. Just want to release my feelings?
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