Would you accept a partner who values others often higher than themselves?

i am frugal with myself and with loved ones sometimes, but will give from what I have to those down or needy. Example, I'd give to a girlfriend who was unemployed such as buy food, dinner, help her find work, fix her car... I was making good money and had skills and had plenty to share, so I did... but never paid her rent or medical bills. At same time, I'd give to others who aren't family. I'll skimp on me... and give to others. In one case I gave a family of seven people to buy a car. They were in the pits and kids were suffering. It was awful to see but also hard to help help people and I gave up. One would think govt helps... it is not very effective nor are the church safety nets in this case. Situation was... father was injured and couln't work, did not get govt assistance at that point, as far as I could see.

Beyond that, I'll hold off buying a new coat and buy cheap jeans that look ok, and treat someone down or needy extemely graciously. Might buy something really nice for myself, like expensive bicycle or such, but often buy used, buy used cars... why waste $ on cars... I just value they work well. I'll splurge on vacations. I've bought my current girlfriend and kids a fun ride with dolphins for example, but I'll hesistate and skimp to get a new vaccum and bought an old used car that took long time to fix... but saved thousands.

Food... I'll get decent food, but try to save $ as well. Not fast food, just good stuff, but lower cost.

Those are tendencies.

Would it drive you nuts to have a partner like that would you value the frugalness if it impacted how I see myself and how you feel? Are others like this or is it me? Noone else in my family is like this and I know noone else similar.
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Would you accept a partner who values others often higher than themselves?
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