Why is it I feel so angry and unappreciated?

I've been cleaning a lot after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food just sits out and no one ever cleans it up. Then, when I do people just don't seem to care, except for my boyfriend and his Step Dad. I feel unappreciated by my boyfriend's Dad because he always leaves food out and says "oh I forgot". For a long time I've been getting this feeling it's not just "forgetting" but just plain laziness. I clean up after foods been sitting out for hours and clean up food that's been just dropped on the floor. I can't wait to get a job. I just feel so angry and fed up. My boyfriend helps me out so much whenever I ask and his step Dad does help. I did see his Dad clean up. Which was nice, then I come out to food everyday sitting out. Which makes me think he cleans up when its convient for him. I'm afraid to ask his dad cause I feel it's rude to tell an adult what to do. Sometimes I feel he takes advantage of me and knows well she will do it and leaves it there or she's been just laying around gotta make her do something. My boyfriends told me his dad is very forgetful and I get that, i know he has complications. But I just feel used a lot and taken advantage of for some reason. I'm just very angry. It may just be me having high expectations. Just for awhile now I feel used and just treated poorly.
Why is it I feel so angry and unappreciated?
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